Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer Review

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer Review

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The Arizer V-Tower vaporizer is a powerful tabletop vaporizer that features a broad array of accessories to customize your vaporizer to your specific tastes and desires. The vaporizer uses a whip method for inhalation coupled with a convection style heating element in a glass bowl to maximize the quality and taste of your vapor. Arizer’s accessories also allow for a balloon and balloon mouthpiece for drawing inhalation. Sleek and tall made from stainless steel and well-insulated, the V-Tower is a quality tabletop vaporizer suited to many vapor preferences and needs.


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V-Tower Temperature

The Arizer V-Tower vaporizer’s best feature when it comes to its temperature is its precise control and LCD display. The crisp LCD display shows you the actual temperature of the vaporizer at its present state and its preset temperature. The Arizer V-Tower uses a ceramic heating device, in order to avoid the taste complications of metal heating elements, and uses a convection heating technique. Arizer’s precision and user-control allows for a fully customizable vaping experience.

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Dimensions & Power

The V-Tower is powered by electricity and features a ceramic heating device that comes with a lifetime warranty. The Arizer is, as its name suggests, a tower structure that is essentially a table-top vaporizer. While the unit itself is portable in the sense you can put it on a new table near a power plug, it is by no means an e-cigarette style for use on the go. This vaporizer also comes with an auto-shut off timer set for either two or four hours, your choice. This ensures you need not worry about leaving your vaporizer turned on by accident.

How To Use V-Tower Vaporizer

The V-Tower is a whip-based vaporizer made from high quality food/medical grade tubing reducing the negative effects posed by other kinds of rubber. To use the V-Tower you simply preset your temperature, pack your loading cartridge with your herbal blend, place the cartridge at the pinnacle of the V-Tower, insert your whip, and begin inhaling. The loading cartridge is large enough to ensure a relatively large blend for multiple or extended use. The whip style of inhalation also allows the vapor to cool before being inhaled although a user must be careful not to draw too heavily and clog the tubing.


The V-T is constructed from stainless steel and is insulated with non-toxic and food safe materials. The stainless steel and insulation combine to make sure the tower is always cool to tough. Additionally, the bowl itself is glass allowing for no toxins to be absorbed into the vapor, an even distribution of vapor, and the unlocking of maximum flavor and active ingredients.

What It Comes With

The Arizer V-Tower comes with a number of complimentary items included in their vaporizer kit. Included is a glass ‘cyclone’ bowl, one glass potpourri dish, one potpourri sample, one pack of screens, a glass stirrer, a three foot whip, and of course a user manual. These are the basics included with the Arizer, but there are many accessories also available for purchase to compliment your V-Tower.

1 x Glass ‘Cyclone’ Bowl

1 x Potpourri Sample

1 x Potpourri Dish

1 x Flat Screen

1 x Dome Screen

1 x Glass Stirrer

1 x Whip

1 x User Manual

Cleaning & Maintenance

Another cool feature of the Arizer V-Tower comes from its LCD screen that displays the status of the unit, allowing you easily track it for maintenance. As with all vaporizers, regular cleaning of the bowl, whip, loading cartridge, and screens will help prolong the lifetime of your vaporizer and ensure the best vapor. The ceramic heating element comes with a lifetime guarantee ensuring that this hard-to-replace part will always be accessible to you the customer.

Arizer V-Tower Accessories

The Arizer V-Tower features a veritable arsenal of accessories allowing you to fully customize your vaporizer to your tastes and needs. There are two different kinds of mouthpieces available for the V-Tower. You can purchase both a whip mouthpiece and interchangeable whip mouthpieces in addition to a balloon mouthpiece used for the balloon add-on. The mini whip/balloons add-ons are also available for the Arizer Extreme Q, complete with an optional balloon ‘kit’ including both mini balloons and mouthpieces. For those looking to take their V-Tower on a camping trip or somewhere with inaccessible electricity, there is a portable power pack that lets you take your V-Tower with you.

Perhaps the most useful of the accessories is the Glass Tuff Bowl that provides a shielding around your glass bowl protecting the glass from shattering. Other accessories include screen packs, glass stirring tools, and additional potpourri dishes. Finally, for the upgraded Arizer Extreme, a remote control pack is available allowing total ease of use in the home.

Not Intended For Liquids

The Arizer V-Tower should not be used for essential aromatherapy oils without use of the potpourri/aroma therapy dish. Use in the regular cartridge will damage your vaporizer, however with the potpourri/aroma therapy dish the Arizer is capable of producing vapor diffused from your essential aromatherapy oils. The whip style hose will ensure the oil-based vapor will be cool from a lengthy draw process maximizing the active ingredients in your essential aromatherapy oils.

V-Tower Vaporizer Warranty

Arizer’s manufacturers guarantee the ceramic heating apparatus for life. This means if at any point there is a manufacturing problem with the heating apparatus you can have it replaced by the manufacturer at no cost to you. The rest of the parts of the V-Tower are easily replaceable as all are sold a la carte as accessories. The easily replacement of faulty parts and the life time warranty of the most critical part, the heating apparatus, make the Arizer a safe long-term vaporizer.

Technical Information

Temperature Settings: User-controlled and preset for heating

Method: Convection

Type: Tabletop, Electric, Whip

Is Arizer’s V-Tower The Right Vape For You?

V-Towers are tried and true, but with vaporizers like the Extreme Q (also made by the Arizer vaporizer company) on the market, it doesn’t seem to make much sense in going with an older model such as this one. We suggest taking a look at the Q instead. That said, for those of you who are still intent on picking up a good old fashioned V-Tower, you can buy them from this shop here. That does it for this V-Tower review. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates by e-mail.

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