Vape pods can leak and the ones Juul offers their customers appear to be no exception as Bloomberg has found through a Freedom of Information Act request that revealed the findings of the FDA’s inspection of Juul Labs.

Leaky Pod Complaints

The FDA’s September 2018 review of Juul’s internal database showed that over 150,000 users complained to the company about liquid leaking out of their vape pods and into their mouths. The complaints were lodged between 2015 and 2018.

As The Verge pointed out in a report, the issue of Juul Pods leaking is one that has been well documented on internet forums and various vape sites over the years.

Juul spokesman Austin Finan told Bloomberg that the company “determined that leaks did not constitute a significant health hazard,” however, a handful of those who lodged complaints with the company claimed that accidentally swallowing the liquid that leaked out of their pods made them sick.

Opinion: Perhaps Vapers Need A Reality Check

Vaping is not without possible risks. While all of Juul’s customers might not know this, they should know this. Vaping, as it relates to smoking, is believed to be less harmful. This is not the same as saying that vaping is believed to be harm-free. This much should be clear to vapers.

As for pods leaking, well, some might be surprised to hear that it’s not just vape pods that sometimes leak e-liquid into the mouths of users, but an array of different vaping devices, including vape tanks used by mods, vape cartridges used by vape pens, and cartomizers used by cig-a-likes.

Vapes can leak e-liquid for a number of reasons. For instance, the products might be defective. But the blame isn’t always on the manufacturer as some vapers have found. There have been countless instances of vapers using their devices wrong, causing leaks that are easily avoided through correct use. Some vapers even bite their pods while they’re using them, damaging the structural integrity of their pods and causing them to leak. Considering all of these possibilities, it’s important that today’s vapers know how to properly use their vaping products and how to recognize when a product is defective and should be avoided.

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