JUUL’s vape pods are not the worst. Let’s be clear about that. On the same token, they’re not the best, at least not in Vape Forest’s opinion. What is quite possibly the biggest issue that vapers have taken with JUUL pods, which remain hugely popular, is their potential to sometimes leak e-juice. That’s actually up there with the worst things that can happen with any vape. E-juice leaking might sound like it’s of little concern but those that have experienced it are probably not too thrilled about it. It’s definitely not as nice as it might sound.

Vape Pods & Leaks

Vape tanks, vape pods – these things can leak and sometimes they do. With some, leaks happen so infrequently that it’s hardly a problem. With others, it happens often. While we can’t say without absolute certainty where JUUL’s pods land in this spectrum, we can say that we’ve had more than a pleasant amount of experience with their pods leaking. This aspect aside, there are better pods than what they offer and not just because they leak less. There are other reasons to consider pods other than what JUUL offers, such as a large line of flavors, more e-juice in each pod, and so on.

Here’s a look at one of the pods that we believe to be superior in just about every sense.

The Superior Vape Pod

Since we’re looking at JUUL vape pods, in particular, we want to note that their pods are prefilled and not user-refillable. They’re one-time use pods that are used until their vape juice runs out and then they are replaced. To keep everything in the same category, the pod we’re going to look at next is one that is also prefilled and not user-refillable.

The VIGGO Series is a new pod vape that we recently reviewed here at Vape Forest after getting an opportunity to test it for ourselves. The pods that it uses, known as VIGGOpods, are like JUUL’s only better in pretty much every sense. They house more e-liquid inside of them, they don’t (as far as we’re aware) leak e-juice in your mouth, and they come in a lot more flavors than what JUUL currently offers. Now, this part is personal preference but we find them to be more comfortable to use thanks to their curved design, whereas JUUL pods have hard edges.

To break it down, here’s why we believe they’re better:

  • More flavors to choose from
  • More e-liquid in each pod
  • No e-juice leaking in your mouth
  • More comfortable design

Do you really need more reasons than that?

The Pods Are Not The Only Difference

Vaper Empire, the company that makes the VIGGO, explains all of this in more detail in an article on their website. The differences between the two pods aren’t the only differences between the two pod vaping systems, as the batteries that each system is powered by is fairly different as well. The VIGGO uses a 400mAh battery while JUUL uses a 200mAh battery. While the JUUL always uses the same voltage, the VIGGO actually has three voltage settings that users can rotate through at any time.

You would think that the JUUL would at least charge faster as it’s using a less powerful battery but the two manage to charge in approximately the same amount of time, which is roughly an hour.

Other Options

While these two systems both use disposable pods, there are also reusable ones to consider. Neither of the aforementioned companies offers refillable pods for their devices, but there are other vape companies out there that do offer pod vapes with refillable pods that can be reused a number of times by simply refilling them e-liquid. There is a limit to the number of times a refillable pod can be refilled and it can prove to be a bit of extra work to refill them, but there is one benefit to using them that’s difficult to overlook and that benefit is the option to choose between the various e-liquids on the market. You’re not stuck with one brand of e-liquid and you’re not stuck with a limited number of flavors that the pod manufacturer locks you into. Instead, you can choose just about any e-liquid from any brand and pop it in there and vape it.

Some of the more popular pod vapes that are designed to be refilled are:

  • SMOK Novo 3 & 2
  • SMOK Nord 2 & 4
  • Vaporesso Renova Zero
  • Suorin Air V2
  • Aspire BP60
  • UWELL Caliburn

There are others out there and some that are perhaps just as popular as some of the ones listed above, but these should give you a good idea of some of the main players in the refillable pod vape space. With lots of users of each, there seem to be no shortage of vape reviews that detail user experiences with them, making it somewhat easy to get an idea of how good (or bad) of a fit each one might be for you.

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