Testing the Viggo Series pod vape by Vaper Empire was one of the best vaping experiences we’ve had in a long time. After reviewing it thoroughly, we decided it was time to share our thoughts on what we think the best pod flavors are for it. Of course, it probably goes without saying but this is entirely subjective and you may completely disagree with what flavors we found to be the best. Also, there may be new flavors out by the time you read this because it does appear Vaper Empire is continuing to release new ones. With all of that said, here are our favorite flavors.

The Best Viggo Pod Flavors

1. Apple

It’s kind of a tart flavor, not entirely so, but definitely not super sweet. The Apple isn’t actually what we were expecting at first, but it quickly turned into a favorite. After vaping it quite a bit, we actually concluded that it’s the best flavor for vaping all day. Some of the others are really good at first but they can prove to be a little much as time goes on. This one managed to stay true throughout the entire experience. Always tasty, never dull, and never overpowering.

2. Berry Crush

It is insane how good the Berry Crush pods are. They smell so good it’s almost heartbreaking to vape them. It’s like you just don’t want that beautiful smell to ever go away. That is, until you vape them. Once you break into a Berry Crush pod, it’s like everything changes. Your whole sense of what good e-liquid is evaporates with that first hit. You suddenly realize that vape juice should be refreshing and insanely tasty at the same time. That’s what these are. They are almost our top pick. The only reason why they’re not at the top of this list is because they can get to be a little much as the day wears on. Come nighttime, it’s nice to have something a little more relaxing, a little more subdued. That’s where the Apple comes in. For a treat, though, these are it. Berry Crush is one crazy good flavor.

3. Watermelon Mints

So we don’t really like watermelon flavors that much. We think of those cheap hard candies and it’s just not our thing. Then we tried Watermelon Mints and this whole notion of not liking watermelon flavored e-juice just went out the door. It’s nothing like the cheap candy that you may have tried. It’s luscious. It’s juicy. It’s utterly delicious. The watermelon is like an undertone when you vape it. The mint part, that cool menthol, is what you really notice. The way it fuses together is perfect. Just thinking about it makes us want to pop a pod in and blow some clouds. It’s hard to say where exactly this one lands in our list. While we ranked it number three, it could have just as easily been number one. All we know for sure is that it’s definitely in the top three.

4. Blueberry

There’s a lot of fruit at the top of this list, that’s for sure. This particular flavor isn’t like any other blueberry e-juice we’ve tried. It’s better. It’s almost not even blueberry. If you’ve tried the fruit, forget about it because the e-juice that’s in Viggo’s Blueberry pods is definitely a lot better. No joke. These are seriously good.

5. Menthol

Not everyone likes a strong menthol but we certainly do. The Menthol pods are very minty, very cool, and very strong. Not so strong you won’t like them, but definitely strong enough that you’ll go “wow, that’s some serious menthol action.” If you don’t like menthol then these are definitely not the pods for you. We love them.

The Most Popular Viggo Flavors

So what you have above is our favorite flavors. There are others that didn’t make our little list of the top five so we wanted to note that there are more than twice as many flavors out there for the Viggo Series. Beyond this, what we found really surprising was that only one of the flavors we have in our top five is one of the best sellers. The most popular flavors with Viggo users, according to Vaper Empire, are:

  1. Tobacco
  2. Whole Leaf Tobacco
  3. Menthol

When left with the option of choosing between a tobacco flavor and a non-tobacco flavor, we almost always go with the non-tobacco flavor. If you, like so many vapers do, like your tobacco vape juice flavors, then you may have an entirely different notion of what the best Viggo flavors are. If you get a chance to try out the different flavors, be sure to come back here and let us know which ones you like best.

It’s All About The Vape Juice

What makes the pods for the Viggo really nice, outside of the fact that they don’t seem to leak, is the e-juice that’s in them. It’s really good pod juice. There’s absolutely nothing trashy about it. The ingredients, you can tell just by tasting, are great. It’s also TPD tested so you know it’s clean. That’s definitely important. The other awesome part about the juice is that it’s made using nicotine salt, which many vapers will tell you is clearly better than the alternative. Good e-juice, good hardware, good pods. That’s all there really is to it.

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