If you live in Australia and you only buy one new vape this year, make it the Viggo by Vaper Empire. This simple yet functional pod vape with its stellar design and otherworldy pod flavors is one of the best. The sad reality for vapers that don’t live in the areas where Vaper Empire operates, namely Australia and New Zealand, is that there is no Viggo available at this time. But for those lucky vapers in AU and NZ, the Viggo is accessible and well worth buying.

Viggo Pod System Review

Here is Vape Forest’s complete review of the Viggo Series pod vaping system. It’s worth reading if you’re on the fence when it comes to buying this vape or going with something else. Our consensus on the matter is to buy it because it works as well as any other pod vape on the market, perhaps better than most. More importantly, the e-liquids that fill its pods are insanely good. Better than anything you will find in a Juul pod or any of the competing prefilled pod systems for that matter. Head over to Vaper Empire’s store to pick up a kit today.

Pods & Flavours

As noted above, the flavours that Viggo’s vape pods come in are awesome. They taste good enough to buy time and time again without a second thought. There are different flavors, of course, which is why your best bet is probably to buy a 3-month pack of pods so you can try out all of the different flavors that spark your interest. This way, you can select up to 8 different flavors and try them out to see which ones you like best. As it stands today, there are actually more than 8 flavors, which means you will have to wait a few months after your first order to buy more if you want to try them all out.

Here are the flavors that are offered currently:

  • Berry Crush (our personal favorite)
  • Watermelon Mints
  • Flat White Coffee (super yummy)
  • Caramel Tobacco
  • Creamy Custard (who says vapour can’t taste like dessert?)
  • Orange Crush (fizzy, awesome soda-flavored vape juice)
  • Menthol (talk about ice cold e-juice!)
  • Tobacco
  • Whole Leaf Tobacco
  • Blueberry (sweeter than you might expect but delicious all the same)
  • Apple (our second favorite pod flavor)

We haven’t tried every single flavor just yet, but we are hoping to eventually get around to doing just that. What we don’t particularly care for is the tobacco flavors, but that’s a preference thing and you might love them. Our personal favorites are the Berry Crush and Apple, both of which are fruity and amazing. The regular Blueberry is oddly sweet and while it tastes great, it’s almost like a candy e-liquid instead of a fruit, the latter being what we prefer.

They Have A Leak-Free Design

This is not to say that a Viggo pod will never leak, only that they’re designed to be free of leaks. You might notice a bit of e-juice below the pod where it connects to the battery after some use, but that is very much a normal thing when it comes to vaping with pods. What you won’t get, or at least not that we’ve experienced, is vape juice in your mouth while you’re taking a hit. That is one of the worst vaping experiences that you can have and it’s one that is quite common with pod vapes so we’re glad to report back that it hasn’t happened to us with the Viggo, not yet anyhow.

Each pod holds a lot of vape juice, to the tune of 1.8ml. That’s not the most we’ve ever seen in a pod but it is a lot. When you see a pod in real life you’re going to be surprised by how large it looks. Thankfully, it’s not actually as large as it looks upon first glance, as it’s actually wrapped in a protective sleeve that you have to remove before using. Still, they are big and they do hold a lot of juice. More than enough to for normal vapers to vape as much as they please without having to replace their pod before the day comes to an end.

One Really Nice Vape Battery

Draw-activation is standard with the Viggo so you puff and it produces vapor, no buttons and no waiting. Just take a hit and enjoy what comes out. The battery has a look to it that you will probably find to be somewhat classy, and it feels even better than it looks when you hold it, which is thanks to the soft-touch metal that it uses. It feels firm, yet soft to the touch. It’s really nice and it’s actually the first vape battery that we’ve ever used that has this sort of look and feel to it. Much better than the competing pod vape batteries we’ve used.

Better Than Average Battery Life

With the Viggo’s 400 mAh battery, you might not make it through the entire day without recharging if you’re a heavy vaper. If you’re a normal vaper, an average user, then there’s a good chance you will make it through the day and into the next without having to plug it in to recharge. Charging is really easy though, as all it takes is a USB port somewhere like on your computer to plug it in and recharge it with the USB-C charging cable it comes with. When you do eventually have to recharge it for the first time you are going to be impressed with how fast it recharges. That is if you have been using other pod vapes. Using the Juul for comparison, it charges about twice as fast.

A Pod Vape With Variable Voltage

Some of you have probably already seen pod systems that have variable voltage, but for those of you who have been stuck using vapes that don’t have it, well, it’s a feature worth having. We like to switch between the three different settings depending on how we’re feeling. Lower voltage for when we’re just relaxing and higher voltage for when we really need some vapor.

Best Nic Salt Juice

For ex-smokers like us, nothing is better than nic salt juice. The reason why is because nicotine salts are, to put it simply, superior in every sense. They allow for the nicotine to absorbed faster into your system and they allow for higher concentrations of nicotine to be used without becoming too hard to handle. This last part means that they’re smoother so you can use them at high concentrations without coughing your brains out. Vaper Empire’s vape juice is among the best, it’s TPD compliant and all that good stuff plus it’s premium ingredients from the ground up. If you try using a cheap e-juice and then you switch over to what they sell, you’re going to notice the difference immediately.

Their nicotine salt vape juice isn’t any different from their regular e-liquid in terms of quality, but the nic salts really take it that extra mile. Their pods all use nic salts so if you’re in the market for a good nic salt juice, well, theirs is literally the best. The flavors are perfect, the nic salt is great, and the ingredients are premium. Made in a cleanroom, adherent to TPD standards – this is the creme de la creme of nic salt e-liquids.

Is The Viggo Pod Vape Worth Buying?

There’s no question, this is one sweet vape. Great flavors, well-made pods and battery, good battery life, small size, multiple voltage settings, fast recharging, and nicotine salts. This is a vape that goes well beyond expectation for a pod system and it puts some of its most well-revered rivals to complete shame as they look like miserable vape trash in comparison. We say buy it if you have the option and be sure to get a multi-pack of pods to see what flavors you like best.

You can click here to buy it from Vaper Empire.

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