The JUUL device, a vape pen designed to work exclusively with JUUL pods, is all the rage in the United States and for good reason: it’s easy to use and it works great. But there is a downside and that downside is the cost of pods, which are much less reasonably priced than many e-liquids available on the market today. For those that can casually afford the cost of its pods, which come prefilled with JUUL e-juice and are not designed to be refilled, the JUUL device offers a convenient solution to vaping on the go. It’s compact, highly portable, and extremely easy to use. You can buy it online from this store.

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Super Easy To Use

The JUUL device is one of the easiest to use electronic cigarettes on the market. There aren’t any buttons or settings to figure out, just a simple vape that automatically detects when it’s in use and produces vapor. To use it, all you do is plug a pod in, bring the pod-end of the vape up to your mouth, and begin drawing. When you do this, the vape detects that you’re drawing on it and activates its heating element, which in turn produces vapor. In other words, you just hit it and it works. Nothing to it. Literally could not be any easier to use.

For smokers who are looking to switch over to vaping, there is no e-cigarette that we recommend more than the JUUL device. It packs enough nicotine to quell the cravings and it’s easy enough to use that you’ll actually use it. You can buy the JUUL online from this store here.

JUUL Vapor Quality

JUULs do not produce the best vapor. It’s good enough, that’s for sure, but it’s not the best. You won’t get huge clouds using one, which is fine given how high the nicotine concentration in their pods is. For the most part, the vapor they produce is relatively smooth. Of course, you can get puffs off a JUUL that have some bite by using their mint or menthol pods. Which might be worth considering if you’re a former smoker or a smoker who’s looking to quit smoking with the help of vaping, as that throat hit sensation that the mint and menthol pods offer seems to help some smokers make the transition from smoker to vaper. Now if you’re wondering if these compact vapes that look a lot like USB flash drives can produce vapor that will satisfy your nicotine cravings, the answer is yes. That much they can most definitely do. They’re packed full of nicotine. At 5% nicotine concentration, they’re among the highest in concentration on the market today. Each puff is the equivalent to a cigarette’s worth of nicotine from what we understand. Whether or not that’s accurate remains to be seen, but the reality remains: JUULs offer up plenty of nicotine with each hit.

The taste of JUUL’s vapor is above average, but not great. We’ve tried them all and we certainly have our soft spots for some of their flavors, but it’s the convenience of their vaping devices that really gets us, not their vapor quality. In short, JUULs provide vapor that’s good enough. It’s above average, but not the best. If you’re looking for a convenient vaping system and don’t mind the limited flavors that JUUL Labs offers, their device kits and pods are great. We strongly recommend them for smokers who are trying to quit smoking with the help of vaping. In that regard, they’re amazing.

JUUL Battery Life

The battery life on the JUUL devices is pretty good given their size. Heavy vapers will likely want to carry a spare battery for emergencies, but that’s not a big deal given how small they are. For us, we’ve found that a fully charged battery will last less than a full day when used regularly. Mind you, we are heavy vapers, emphasis on heavy. That said, some users may find that a single battery, when fully charged, lasts well over a day – it really depends on how it’s used and how often it’s used. In this regard, we rate the JUUL about average as far as e-cigs are concerned.

JUUL Pods Review

JUUL devices are closed vape systems, which means that they’re not designed to be refilled with e-liquid. Instead of refilling the vape juice, users of JUUL devices simply discard their used pods and replace them with fresh ones. The pods themselves come prefilled with JUUL e-juice and are not designed to be refilled. They’re one-time use pods. You use them and when you’re done with them, you discard them and replace them. This system is convenient, that much is for certain, but it does have a major drawback: limited e-juice options. With JUUL pods, you’re basically looking at what JUUL offers, which is quite limited in terms of different flavors to choose from. But if it’s convenience that you’re after, they’ve got that in strides. The entire system is among the most convenient on the market, and if you’re a smoker who’s trying to quit, it’s that convenience that may make the difference.

JUUL pods are currently sold in packs of four. Each 5% strength pod is supposedly equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes in terms of nicotine, which means each pod contains a lot of nicotine. In the United States, JUUL now offers 3% strength pods as well, which means less nicotine for the same price. The choice is yours.

The pods themselves are extremely easy to use. You remove their cap, plug them into the battery, and that’s that – you’re ready to vape.

JUUL Heat Up Time

Instantaneous heat means instant vapor. With JUULs, you start puffing and they start producing. There’s no wait time, no need to sit idly by while the heating element reaches vaping temperatures, you just start puffing and it starts delivering. In this regard, the JUUL performs exceptionally well.

Charging JUUL

Recharging a JUUL battery is one of the easiest things you can do. Every JUUL device kit comes with a charging dock, which is a little USB-powered charging station that you drop the battery into it when you want to recharge it. You don’t have to remove the pod to recharge it like you have to do with some vapes and you don’t have to screw anything in, you just drop the battery on the dock and it snaps firmly into place with magnetic assistance. The magnets hold it in snugly in place, but you can still easily grab it to take some quick puffs before dropping it back on the charger. It is undoubtedly one of the easiest vapes to charge.

Hassle-Free Vaping

When it comes to vaping, hardware maintenance can be a real pain. With JUUL’s system, there aren’t any hassles to be aware of. You don’t have to clean anything, adjust anything, or anything else. You just use it. That’s all there is to it.

When the pod is done, you throw it away and plug in a new one. When the battery is out of juice, you plug it in and recharge it. There’s no coil replacement, cotton replacement, or anything of the sort. It’s just a straight-forward vape that offers a hassle-free vaping experience.

JUUL’s Many Benefits

The big benefit of using a JUUL is the fact that it’s insanely easy to use. You don’t have to figure anything out to use one. You just plug a pod in and start vaping. Because of this, there’s no maintenance, cleaning, or anything of that nature.

Another big upside to JUUL devices is that they work great. There’s no need to fiddle around with settings or anything like that, you just use it and it treats you well.

The portability aspect is another huge win for JUUL devices. They fit easily in a pocket, making them extremely convenient to carry around. In fact, if you’re a smoker, you’ll take note that they’re basically the size of a lighter. So if you’re used to carrying around a lighter and a pack of smokes, well, imagine just carrying a lighter without the pack because that’s what it’s like to carry around a JUUL.

The Downside To Vaping With JUUL

The only real downsides to using JUUL devices is that they’re a bit costly given the high price of their pods and they don’t allow for their pods to be refilled, which means a lot less e-juice options than what are available on the open market. But if you’re fine with being confined to their limited pod flavors and paying more than you probably should for your refills, then JUULs are great.


While the JUUL vape battery itself is fairly inexpensive, the real cost of JUULing is in the pods. The pods are what need to be replaced regularly and they aren’t all that cheap. There are definitely less expensive ways to vape e-liquid, but JUUL makes it so convenient it’s hard to bother with anything else. Price-wise, we rate the JUUL kits fair. They could be less expensive, but that’s probably not great for the business model. That said, if you’re looking for a cheap way to vape, we suggest looking elsewhere, preferably an open vape system that allows the user to refill with any e-liquid.

Is The JUUL Vape Pen Worth Buying?

If you’re a current smoker who’s looking to quit smoking, JUUL vapes are 100% worth buying. They might not save you much money in comparison to smoking, but they’ll save your lungs from being coated with a whole bunch of disgusting tar. Of course, this is really true for any vape, but JUUL offers enough nicotine in their pods to really get the job done. They top this off with an incredibly high level of convenience and portability, making them perfect for smokers who are ready to switch.

You can click here to buy JUUL device kits and pods online.

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