Vaping has helped a lot of smokers quit smoking, but not all smokers have had success in quitting smoking with vaping products. This has led some to question why vaping does not work for all smokers. While the reasons may be numerous and possibly elusive in some cases, the reality is that what works for one person does not necessarily work for others. This might be a hard truth to wrap your head around and possibly a strange statement coming for a website that’s all about vaping, but the fact of the matter is that there are actually many smokers out there who have tried to switch to e-cigarettes and failed to do so. Some have even found themselves dual-users, those who use both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of the reasons why we at Vape Forest think that some smokers have failed to switch to vaping after attempting to do so.

Reasons Why Vaping Does Not Work For All Smokers

Below you will find a list of reasons that we believe some smokers fail to switch to vaping when attempting to do so. While there may be other reasons, perhaps even likely so, these are some of the reasons that we believe are worth highlighting.

The Wrong Vape

Juul Vape

This is a Juul device, a small pod vape that’s made to be portable and easily carried in a pocket.

Hardware is important, as many seasoned vapers will tell you. As vapers who have been vaping for years, we believe we have some insight into this factor. Finding the right vape can be a troubling and difficult endeavour, which is at least part of the reason why there are so many vape reviewers floating around the internet, including us. From our experience and from those of vapers around us who have made the switch or failed to do so, we have found that e-cigarettes are anything but one-size-fits-all products. The right vape for one person may well be the wrong vape for another person. It’s our preferences that really matter. So let’s look at what factors there are to consider.

Vape Size

The size of a vape might seem trivial, but it’s actually important. If a vape is too big then it can be burdensome to carry around, which may make some people less likely to carry theirs around with them. If it’s not always on you, then how you can use it when you need to? For this reason, there are many vapers who choose to use small vapes that are easily carried in a purse or pocket. Making sure a vape is there when you need it is undoubtedly important, especially for smokers who are struggling to make the switch.

Vaping Power

How much vapor a given vape delivers varies greatly from one to the next. Not all vapes are the same and their vapor output can differ drastically. While there are vapers who only want a little bit of vapor, there are also those who want a lot with each draw. Some vapes can be finetuned while others offer no control over output beyond how long and hard the user draws on it. Vape mods, for example, can be customized to fit different user profiles, but customizing them can be a tricky task, especially for new vapers. Finding a vape that delivers the right amount of vapor can be quite the task in itself, which is one reason why vape reviews can prove helpful in the hunt for the right vape.


This is a factor we like to consider when reviewing vapes because not all vapes are what we’d call easy to use. Some, like mods, can be somewhat difficult to use and master. This is one reason why many new vapers opt for simple devices like cig-a-likes, pod vapes, and vape pens. It’s important to consider how easy a vape is to use and maintain when choosing the vape that will help you switch from smoking to vaping because a vape that’s hard to use seems less likely to help you switch than one that’s easy to use. The best vapes for new vapers seem to be those that are easiest to use. Easy to use vapes do not require users to press any buttons whatsoever to vape and require minimal maintenance. For the most part, easy to use vapes require nothing more than charging the battery and ensuring that there’s e-liquid inside.

The Wrong E-Liquid

While vaping hardware is definitely important, so is the e-liquid that’s inside. Using the right vape juice is incredibly important as it, along with the vaping device, plays a very important role in determining just how pleasant the overall vaping experience is. So let’s look at some of the factors that go into selecting the right vape juice.


E-juice flavor is obviously an important factor. We don’t all like the same flavors when it comes to the food and drinks we consume so it’s unrealistic to expect that we all like the same flavors of vape juice. While a lot of smokers trying to get on the vaping train kick things off with a tobacco flavored vaping liquid, this isn’t always the right choice. Actually, there has been research to show that vapers tend to migrate over to sweeter flavors over time. Getting the flavor right the first time is definitely important because the wrong one may cause some vapers to scratch the whole idea and simply write vaping off as something that’s not for them. Our suggestion for new vapers who are trying to choose an appropriate e-liquid is to find a vape store that allows vapers to test e-liquid. Not all allow this but there are some out there. Our other suggestion is to take a look at e-liquid reviews to see what other vapers think about various e-liquids.

Vaper Empire E-Liquids

These are some of the flavors that Vaper Empire’s e-liquid comes in. With so many flavor choices, choosing the right ones can be tough.

Throat Hit

Vaping hardware plays a role in determining the throat hit sensation experienced when a vaper inhales vapor, but so does the e-liquid. Some e-liquids have more of a throat hit than others and this can make or break the experience for new vapers who are trying to ditch the smoke. Vape juices that have menthol added to them have more of a throat hit than ones that do not and the same is true for juices that have higher concentrations of nicotine.

Nicotine Strength

This is a pretty obvious point for many but not all new vapers realize just how important it can be to find the right nicotine strength when selecting which e-liquid to use. Higher-strength e-liquids tend to provide more throat hit sensation and obviously more nicotine. Another factor to consider is how fast that nicotine is absorbed. Nicotine salts, which have become very popular in more recent years, have a lot to offer new vapers who are trying to ditch tobacco smoking. For example, nicotine salts can be used at higher strengths than ordinary (free-base) nicotine and they absorb faster.

PG:VG Ratio

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used to create most e-liquids. They are just a couple of the ingredients commonly found in vape juices, but they both play an important role in the end product that is the vapor. Many e-juices use both, however, the ratio of one to the other that’s present in an e-liquid can make a big difference. Vapers who prefer more of a throat hit will opt for more PG because it provides that kick to the back of the throat, which is something that a lot of smokers crave. VG, in contrast, provides a smoother feeling when vaped and also feels thicker.

The Solution: Trial And Error

Some smokers who pick up a vape get it right from day one. For the rest, it can be a matter of testing what’s out there and finding what works best. We call this trial and error. For smokers that are absolutely deadset on quitting smoking with the help of e-cigs, it’s important to continue trying out new e-liquids and vaping devices in order to find the setup that works best. This can take time and it can increase the cost of switching, but we believe it’s important to stick it out. There are lots of vaping communities on the internet these days, which provides ample opportunity to get advice from other vapers. We suggest seeking out these communities to find others who can help resolve vaping hardware issues, offer insight into what different juices taste and vape like, and to get recommendations for vaping products to use and where to buy them.

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