Ascent Vaporizer Review

Ascent Vaporizer Review

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DaVinci’s Ascent vaporizer is a pocket-friendly portable which is smaller than an iPhone. It utilizes a combination of conduction and convection to vaporize both dry as well as liquid blends at temperatures up to 430°F. Dual 2200MAH Lithium-ion batteries power the device for 3 – 4 hours, depending on the temperature used. Not only is this the very first glass-on-glass portable vaporizer, it’s also our favorite, as it’s more than capable of consistently delivering some of the purist vapor we here at have ever come across. If you’re wondering whether or not this is just another gimmick filled vape that doesn’t perform, it most definitely is not. If you’re interested in buying this incredible hand-held, we suggest you place your order directly through the manufacturer’s store. To learn more watch the video below and continue reading this Ascent vaporizer review.


Ascent Vaporizer Video:

Advanced Temperature Control

Due to the technology and and materials used in the construction, the glass-lined ceramic bowl maintains a consistent temperature which lends to an efficient vaporization of the blend inserted into the device. The temperature range essentially begins at 0° and extends all the way up to 430°F (212°C). This wide temperature spectrum allows for the vaporization of a wide variety of blends. As somewhat of a bonus feature, the temperature can be set to automatically adjust at specific intervals. As an example, you can tell it to heat up to 370°F and hold that temperature for a few minutes, move up to 380°F for a couple of minutes, and then finish off at a scorching 430°F. This ability allows you to customize your vaporizing experience and helps ensure efficient vaporization of your blends when used appropriately.

Weight, Size, & Power

DaVinci’s Ascent weighs in at 6.8 ounces, which isn’t quite as light as the classic DaVinci vaporizers which weigh in at just 5.6 ounces. Regardless of how they compare to the DVs, they are definitely light enough to comfortably hold and conveniently transport. As for the dimensions, the unit itself measures 4.47″ x 2.24″ x 1.03″ (smaller than an iPhone). Not only are they lightweight and compact, they’re also powerful. They run on two 18650 2200mAh Lithium-ion batteries which are capable of powering the device for more than three hours on a single charge. This dual battery design more than adequately powers the ceramic heating element.

As an additional precaution, if you will, the ceramic heating element was designed with an extra layer of glass; it’s a glass lined ceramic bowl. As a result, those concerned with any distortion in taste derived from the ceramic will have no reason to be concerned.

How To Use Ascent

Using DaVinci’s new vaporizer is a breeze. In order to vaporize liquids, check the corresponding tab on the left. With this vaporizer you can set the temperature to rise to specific temperatures at different intervals, but we’re not going to get into all of that right now. Instead, we’re going to tell you exactly how to use it with dry blends without the aforementioned advanced temperature control system. In order to turn it on, simply press and hold the power button located on the top of the device near the mouthpiece. Once activated, the OLED display should light up. Next, used the temperature control buttons on the front to adjust the temperature to your preferred vaporizing temperature. Either while or after heating the unit, load your ground blend into the loading chamber located on the bottom of the unit. In order to access the heating chamber simply slide it out, as it swivels. Next, pool the glass stem out and insert the glass mouthpiece if you’d like to use the mouthpiece. For reference, the mouthpiece is good for preventing finely ground blind from sucking through. Then again you could insert one of the fine mesh screens and not bother with the additional glass mouthpiece. At this point, you are ready to begin taking steady draws of vapor and if it seems too easy, don’t worry because it really is that simple.


Designed in Las Vegas, Nevada and manufactured in China, these hi-tech vaporizers incorporate energy efficient OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays, glass lined ceramic bowls where the wiring is actually printed in the bowls, brushed aluminum bodies with skin, glass mouthpieces, all glass vapor pathways, and medical grade silicone to protect the glass components. More information on the batteries can be found under the “Dimensions & Power” tab to the left.

What It Comes With

When you purchase the Ascent, it comes with everything you need to get started. There’s a wall charger, a couple of rechargeable batteries, two glass mouthpieces, two glass internal components, a little carrying case, a couple of metal sticks for the jars, mouthpiece cover, poker, and a couple of glass jars for vaporizing liquids. To reiterate what it comes with an easy to read format, here’s a list of what’s included:

1 x Ascent Vape

1 x Carrying Case

1 x Top Mouthpiece Cover

2 x Metal Sticks

1 x Poker / Tool

1 x Wall Charger

2 x Li Batteries

2 x Glass Mouthpieces

2 x Glass Internal Components

2 x Glass Oil Jars

How To Clean Ascent Vaporizer

Cleaning Ascent is easy enough, you simply remove the glass and soak it in isopropyl alcohol or your favorite cleaning glass cleaner, rinse, dry, and you’re done. For those vaporizing strictly dry blends, run through this cleaning process every one to two weeks. With liquids, cleaning it after every use is suggested, however, a daily cleaning should do the trick. If it’s so sticky it gets stuck, just heat it up and it should be fine. To summarize, basic maintenance requires regular cleanings which entail cleaning the glass when dirty. Those of us here at believe the Ascent to be much easier to clean and maintain than the Pax vaporizer by Ploom, which is another highly rated portable vaporizer which we have thoroughly tested and reviewed.

Ascent Vaporizer Accessories

Here’s a quick overview of the available accessories. There are extra oil jars, extra glass pieces, and 14 and 18mm water tool adapters in straight and “U” designs. There is talk of water filters and external batteries, however, we’re unable to discuss specifics at this time. Here’s an easy to read list of the accessories that are currently available:

- Extra Glass Pieces

- Extra Oil Jars

- U Water Tool Adapter (14mm & 18mm)

- Straight Water Tool Adapter (14mm & 18mm)

How To Vaporize Liquid

With the Ascent vaporizer by DaVinci, vaporizing liquids is no problem. While dry blends are directly inserted into the glass lined ceramic bowl, liquid blends are first inserted into glass oil jars and then into the heating chamber. These liquid cartridges come equipped with silicone lids, however, they are not necessary and some users may prefer to leave them off at times. If you do leave them off, you’ll have to clean more frequently to prevent it from getting so sticky it gets stuck closed. If it does get stuck, simply heat it up and the problem is resolved. To learn more about cleaning, check the “Cleaning & Maintenance” tab to the left. The metal picks that come in the box can be used to remove the oil jars and their corresponding lids when hot.

Ascent Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty covers the unit itself for 2 years and the batteries for 6 months. When it comes to warranty coverage, Organicix is pretty laid back and willing to accommodate any customer concerns. That said, don’t be afraid to reach out to their customer service department if you happen to have any issues, regardless of whether or not you’re within the warranty’s limitations such as the aforementioned time constraints. Also, you may be entitled to additional rights as a result of laws which protect consumers such as yourself. While we certainly strive to remain current, we recognize that the warranty could change without our knowledge and as a result, we suggest you check with the manufacturer at the time of purchase to ensure your accurate understanding of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Technical Information

Heating Time: 45 – 90 Seconds (Average: 1 Minute)

Temperature Range: 0° – 430°F

Method: *Convection & Conduction

Type: Portable, Electric, Direct Draw

*Ascent leans more towards conduction, however, it utilizes a combination of both conduction as well convection.

Is Ascent The Best Portable Vaporizer 2013 Has To Offer?

Those of us here at Vape Forest definitely think so. After extensive testing, we have concluded that this is truly one of the best vaporizers in the world. If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that actually does what you expect it to do, this is the one. It heats up quick, holds a charge for at least a few hours straight, and consistently delivers thick and delicious vapor. In our opinion, this is truly the best portable vaporizer on the market. If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, we suggest placing your order directly through the manufacturer’s online store.


  1. Hi, thanks for the review. I usually only load 0.10 to 0.15 grams, will it work well with smaller loads? Thank you.

    • Hey Miguel, great question! It works very well with smaller loads.

  2. When can I buy this vaporizer?

    • Chris, there is no specified date of release at this time, however, after speaking to one of our reputable contacts at DaVinci/Organicix, we were informed that they are currently contemplating redesigning one aspect to enhance the quality of the product. This could push back the release date by as much as two weeks. While improving the tolerances should enhance the consistency of the vapor density across the board, we here at did not experience this or any related issue(s) and subsequently, we’re inclined to believe that this is NOT a widespread issue and that it does not necessarily require resolution. Regardless, we appreciate DaVinci’s tireless dedication to perfection.

      To clarify, we’re expecting them to arrive within the next 1 – 2 weeks. Those who subscribe to our newsletter will be amongst the first to know when they arrive. Use the subscription form to the right to sign-up for our mailing list to receive updates by e-mail.

      Edit (6-19-2013): DaVinci posted an update on Facebook which read, “The Ascent vaporizer will now feature a “vapor seal lock” that tightens the air seal around the bowl and allow the chamber to aspirate with greater vapor density.”

      • How will someone know if they received the redesigned version?

        Also, do you have to grind the ‘blend’ to use in device?

        • Hey Willem, the redesigned version has a visible latch. That’s how you’ll know.

          The blend is ideally put through a grinding apparatus prior to vaporization. We suggest it, but it isn’t absolutely necessary.

  3. How are the batteries charged, I don’t see a connection? Also, are the batteries easily removed by the consumer?

    • The internal batteries are recharged using either a wall outlet or car charger which plugs into a small opening on the bottom of the device. It is possible for those with adequate electrical knowledge to remove and replace the batteries with some effort, however, neither Vape Forest nor DaVinci recommends doing so.

  4. I’m seriously dying to get my hands on one of these. This is everything I’ve been looking for in a portable: dry, oils, glass on glass, good taste, dense vapor, and enough juice in the battery to get me through the day.

  5. Hi. Thanks for the review! Can you comment on the ease of pulling the vapor, and on how hot/dry it feels, compared with other portables?

    • Hey Jeff, great questions. There’s no noticeable resistance when drawing vapor; it’s really easy to take a draw. The vapor is a little dry and a little warm, but not as hot and dry as some of the other portables we’ve tested. Having the heating chamber located at the bottom of the device and mixing the vapor with ambient air via the air intake, located below the heating chamber, works well to cool the vapor a bit before it exits the glass mouthpiece.

  6. In your professional opinion, how does this vape compare to the Pax?

    • Hey Sid, great question. Ascent vaporizer VS Pax: Ascent is much easier to clean and maintain, it has a longer battery life, more consistent vapor production, and it’s able to vaporize liquids and dry-blends where the Pax is only designed to work with dry blends. Size wise, Ploom’s portable is smaller. All factors considered, we believe the Ascent to be the obvious choice between the two.

  7. This is all that really matters: Does it burn the flowers?

    I’ve tried several vape pens and when you cash them, nothing but ashes remain in the chamber. They don’t “vape” anything; they are nothing more than electric pipes.

    Is this the real deal in terms of efficiently vaping while not igniting the plant matter.

    • Hey Alex, we understand your concern as we have also noticed ash in the heating chambers of some of the vaporizer pens that we’ve tested. You’ll be happy to learn that the Ascents will not “burn” your blends. You will not find ash in the heating chamber after vaporizing. To summarize, this is a real vape and it does what it’s designed to do: vaporize.

  8. between the Pax and the Ascent, which needs the oven to be packed more? I’m hoping that the Ascent packs less to minimize the amount of blend used.

    • Hey Rock, you want to loosely pack the filling chamber of both vapes. Neither requires you to fill the chamber to its brim so just how much blend you insert is up to you, but between the two, it is our belief that the Ascent is more efficient when it comes to blend consumption. Hope that helps!

  9. I have been checking online for vaporizers. I want to buy the best. Also I have to say that this will be our first. Do you recommended it for beginners?

    • Very easy to use. Good for beginners and experts alike. This is our most highly recommended portable.

  10. Hi, I’ve been reading a lot about off-gassing with this device, have you experienced that at all, and if so could you speak to this?

    • We haven’t experienced any outgassing, however, we understand this may have been an issue with a batch of early units produced (a manufacturing error). As of present, there is no issue with outgassing that we’re aware of.

  11. Any update on when this will be available?

    • They’ve been available for some time now, but we imagine you already know this!

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for the review. Will the Ascent also work with waxy blends?

    • Works great with all blend types.

  13. I was curious, considering the amount of glassware inside the Ascent, how durable is it? With glass on glass air paths and a glass lined bowl, are these components likely to break on first drop?

    • It is surprisingly durable. We wouldn’t suggest dropping it, but we have, and we’ve merely nicked the surface causing minor cosmetic damage. This is after multiple drops. The glass components, when inserted into the device, are enclosed in silicone sleeves for added protection. We haven’t managed to break any of the glass pieces, but we assume with some effort this could be accomplished.

  14. Can you use this unit while it is charging? I know one vaporizer I was looking at needs a special charger for that. Thanks.

  15. Ascents have arrived! They came out on November 1, 2013. The current version includes the highly anticipated latching system. They can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website.

  16. Great Review! I had two main questions and I think you guys would be the ones to ask about this. I have recently located to a part of the world where I only have access to resins. Would this vaporizer work with resins? Is it possible to vaporize resins? Also; Have you tried the Pinnacle Pro? Thanks!


    • The Ascent is capable of vaporizing blend types other than dried blends. The glass essential oil jars it comes with can be filled with non-dried blend types, inserted into the heating chamber, and vaporized. The jars can be used with or without their lids on.

      The Pinnacle Pro is okay. You can read our review here. We prefer the Ascent, as it, amongst other things, produces a higher quality of vapor.

  17. Love this, had mine a month now, no problems. This device is real easy to clean and maintains consistently great taste.

  18. I have been searching around and reading different reviews to see what vape I should buy. This vape looks really solid, but since it’s fairly new is there any known bugs or defects to it that could make it not last as long compared to other choices?

  19. What is you opinion of the Ascent vs the new Firefly portable?

    • The Ascents are better in our opinion. More versatile, not quite as heavy, digital temperature controls, and an all glass vapor path.

  20. I just purchased the ascent two days ago and am extremely happy with it so far. It vapes, doesn’t combust, so it does exactly what it is designed to. This is my first portable and I purchased it for dry blends with the added extra of oils and other blends also. It has a decent amount of features as far as temperature and timing settings so I’m still trying to get it all figured down to the science but Algodones highly recommend it!

  21. Is it odorless?

  22. All I see in the video review are parts that can easily break & cleaning tool that will surely be lost within the first few days. It doesn’t appear that you take this into account when reviewing vaporizers. There’s also a hinge, which is another weak point. Moving parts are the 2nd thing to break (glass is the first). In your opinion, which dry flower vaporizer requires the least amount of maintenance, & doesn’t require parts to be replaced every few weeks?

    • Hey Condi, we’ve never broken any parts and subsequently have not required any replacement parts. The cleaning tool, fortunately, has a nice hiding place where it’s inserted into the top of the device for safe storage. As a result, you shouldn’t lose it. The hinge has no issues that we’re aware of and we’ve been using the device for a while. As far as minimal maintenance, they all require maintenance in one form or another. With the Ascent, the extent of maintenance is regular cleaning which is a breeze due to the fact that the components which require cleaning are glass and easily cleaned. The filling chamber is cleaned with a brush or a q-tip. We prefer a q-tip dipped in isopropyl. The other components are simply dropped into rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner. Soak and rinse. Too easy, especially compared to a lot of the other vapes we’ve used.

  23. Hi, I recently purchased a davinci ascent and when I attempt to take hits from it, it produces a silicon-like taste. Any tips on how to get the taste out? Thanks


  24. Hey Alan, we didn’t experience this, but our suggestion, always, with any new vaporizer, is to fully charge the device and then run it with nothing in it, a mock vape session if you will, and do this until the battery has been completed. Once the battery has been drained, recharge it, and run through this cycle again. Once more for good measure if so you choose. This should eliminate anything that might be leftover from the manufacturing process.

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