Pod vapes are raging in popularity around the world and while JUUL remains the most popular pod system in the United States, it has yet to make its official debut in Australia where vaping is quickly rising in popularity. While Australians can find e-cigarette suppliers online that will ship their inventory of JUUL vape pens and pods to adults in Australia, JUUL Labs has not officially launched the JUUL device or its pods in Australia. Beating the notorious e-cig company to the punch, one of Australia’s most well-known vape companies has brought its own brand of pod device to Australian vapers with the release of the new VIGGO pod vape.

The VIGGO, Vaper Empire’s new e-cig system designed to work with vape pods, is now available to vapers across Australia who can purchase the new pod system online from Vaper Empire’s website. Currently, it’s available in one color, black, but its pods are available in nine unique flavors:

  • Flat White Coffee
  • Apple
  • Blueberry
  • Tobacco
  • Caramel Tobacco
  • Orange Crush
  • Menthol
  • Whole Leaf Tobacco
  • Creamy Custard

Each pod is filled with Vaper Empire’s own e-liquid and once a pod is done, it’s intended to be replaced. There’s no refilling pods with this system, not yet anyway. On the upside, the pod contain more e-liquid than is found in JUUL’s pods. In fact, there are quite a few improvements over the JUUL device when examining these two pod systems in a side-by-side comparison.


The VIGGO uses pods that hold 1.8ml of e-juice, which is a lot more than the 0.7ml that JUULpods hold. JUUL e-cigs only operate at one voltage setting, giving users no options as far as voltage is concerned, whereas the VIGGO vape has 3 voltage settings.

The battery on the JUUL isn’t the most impressive, that much is for certain, but it’s not the worst either. The VIGGO, though, really puts it to shame with its 400mAh battery, offering twice as much power as JUUL’s 200mAh battery.

Top this all off with an ergonomic design and the VIGGO really shines in comparison to the JUUL, making it quite possibly the best JUUL alternative for Aussie vapers.

VIGGO Pod Vape Review

Vaping with pod vapes isn’t for everybody. Some prefer less potent devices like cig-a-likes and others prefer more power than a pod vape can offer, which is what box mods are for. Those who do like pod systems are going to be thrilled when they get their hands on this one because it is just about everything one could ever want in a pod system.

The Viggo pushes the boundary between vape pens and pod systems, offering more power than one might expect from such a small device that’s easily slipped into a pocket and held in just one hand. With high-capacity 1.8ml pods and plenty of battery power, it’s capable of providing an all-day vaping experience to many vapers, plus it’s super portable.

This is one good vape and you can buy it online here.

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