When vapers go to buy e-juice, some shoot from the hip and buy flavors that they think they might like based on product descriptions, fancy labels, and names. Then there are those who read e-juice reviews to get a better idea of what others vapers think in the hopes of determining whether or not a particular flavor is worth buying before trying, but are reviews really worth reading or are they just a waste of time?

Reviews can be very helpful, but when it comes to e-juice, we don’t all like the same flavors. That much is a given. This is why e-juice reviews can be misleading, but also helpful. It all depends on how your preferences stack up with the reviewer’s. If you like the same e-juice flavors as the reviewer, such as candy or sour, then you may like the same juices that they like and find their reviews to be helpful when it comes time to buy your next bottle. But if the reviewer’s preferences differ greatly from yours, then you might find yourself being led down the wrong path with your next e-juice purchase. This is the unfortunate reality that vapers must deal with when it comes to consulting e-juice reviews.

Take this e-juice review by Rog Vapes for example and you will see that Roger enjoys Vaper Empire’s Velvet Elvis, which is a candy flavored vape that tastes like gummi bears, bubblegum, and skittles. Sound good? Well, Roger likes it, that’s for sure, but will you? If you don’t like candy e-juice flavors, then there’s a pretty good chance it’s not going to be the right one for you. You see the point? If you don’t, the point is that your preferences when it comes to e-juice probably aren’t going to line up perfectly with everyone else’s preferences, which is why your best bet as far as reading reviews goes might be to find a reviewer that likes similar flavors as you and to then consult their reviews anytime you’re in the market for a new flavor.

With all of the vapers out there who are sharing their reviews, there’s a chance you may be able to find a reviewer that likes what you like. The hard part might be finding out who that reviewer is. Fortunately, there are plenty of forums out there that vapers can visit to discuss things like e-juice flavors. Using these forums can be beneficial, as vapers not only have the opportunity to ask what other vapers think of particular e-juices, but also what their preferences are for e-juices, providing the insight necessary to reach a solid conclusion on whether to buy a particular vape juice.

Is There An Alternative?

There is an alternative to reading reviews! One of the best, if not the best, is the e-juice bar. Never heard of this concept? Well, you just might have one in your area. In some places, vapers can find vape bars inside of vape shops that allow potential customers to test e-juices before they buy them. Not sure if you like a flavor? Give it a test. Fill your vape’s tank with a sample, take some puffs, and then decide for yourself if it’s the right juice for you. Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, not all vapers can find places where they can test e-juices nearby, leaving some to read reviews and hope for the best.

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