Bantam Vape has taken it upon themselves to combine the summery flavors of watermelon and mango to create a new tasty e-juice flavor that they call Watermelango. If you enjoy sweet, delicious fruit-flavored e-juices, then this is one fruit fusion that you’re going to have to try.

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Perfectly Fused Together

This is not a vape juice where one flavor overwhelms the other. Instead, it perfectly melds the flavors of watermelon together as if they’ve been melted together to form an entirely new fruit that’s better than either of the originals. This new fruit flavor, Watermelango, is sweet, refreshing, and utterly delicious. Puffing on it is like biting into a fresh piece of fruit, only somehow better. As far as fruit fusions go, this is one of the best we’ve come across. You can buy Bantam’s Watermelango from this store.

Note: Watermelango, which is only available at this time in the high nicotine salt strength of 48mg/ml, is not intended for use with sub-ohm atomizers or devices. It’s specifically intended for use with low-wattage Mouth-to-Lung (MtL) devices.

Smooth & Intriguing

Each hit of Watermelango e-juice sparks intrigue as you try to figure out what it is you’re vaping. While you know it’s watermelon and mango, the way the two flavors melt into one will have you pondering what it is you’re actually vaping. In this case, it’s a 50/50 blend of PG and VG along with fruit flavoring and nicotine salts. Smooth, rich, and strangely refreshing — it’s everything a vape juice should be.

Quality You Can Trust

Bantam manufactures their e-liquids using industry-leading quality standards and their ingredients are 100% traceable back to the raw materials from which they were produced. In short, they manufacture quality and it’s quality you can count on. Their Watermelango e-liquid is no exception, as it offers a level of quality that can be hard to find elsewhere. This is one e-liquid that’s actually worth its salt.

Watermelango E-Liquid Price

As is the case with most, if not all of Bantam’s e-liquids, the price for a bottle of Watermelango is fairly reasonable. You can click here to check the price.

Fruit E-Juice Enthusiasts

We recommend this new e-liquid flavor from Bantam Vape for fruit vape juice connoisseurs and enthusiasts. It offers a delightful new take on two classic fruit flavors, combining them in such a way as to please the senses with every puff.

Is Bantam Vape’s Watermelango E-Liquid Worth Buying?

This is one vape juice that every fruit e-juice aficionado should try. We also recommend it for those who enjoy sweet e-juice flavors. It’s worth every penny.

You can click here to buy Watermelango e-juice from Bantam’s online store.

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