Storz & Bickel, based in Germany, is the herbal vaporizer company that makes the Volcano, Crafty, Plenty, and Mighty vaporizers. Their flagship, the Volcano, is one of the world’s most popular desktop vaporizers and while the company has done phonemically well under the leadership of their founders, Markus Storz and Jurgen Bickel, there’s now a new boss at the company: Canopy Growth.

In Canada, Canopy Growth Corporation is well known for the marijuana that it produces and sells. Now, with their acquisition of Storz & Bickel, they’re in the vaporizer industry as well. As their products are the type often used with Storz & Bickel’s herbal vaporizers, the acquisition appears as if it may be a good fit for the company as they now produce both the product used in herbal vaporizers as well as the vaporizers themselves.

You can read the complete press release here.

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