The Crafty Vaporizer, one of Storz & Bickel’s latest herbal vaporizers, offers vapers the convenience of cord-free operation, but with limited battery life, it’s no wonder the famed German vaporizer manufacturer has opted to release a portable charging station for it. That portable charger is the Crafty Power Bank and here’s what we think about it.

  • Power
  • Portability
  • Charging
  • Price

Massive Power Increase

The Power Bank is a 7500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be used to charge the Crafty and other electronics. With this awesome accessory, Crafty users can more than double their battery life, which is a dramatic extension by all accounts.

How many recharges does the Power Bank offer? By plugging the Crafty into the Power Bank, vapers can fully recharge their Crafty’s internal battery 2 to 3 times. That’s a lot more sessions than vapers would otherwise have and a good reason for Crafty users to seriously consider picking up this accessory, which can be purchased here.

Small Enough

For a 7500 mAh battery, the Crafty Vaporizer Power Bank is surprisingly compact and portable, which it should be given what it’s intended for: recharging on the go. The entire battery measures 96 x 62 x 22 millimeters and it weighs 168 grams.

Will it fit in your pocket? The Power Bank is small enough to fit into most pockets. Think of it as an extra cell phone in your pocket because that’s about how much space it takes up.

Charge Anything

One of the big benefits of the Crafty Power Bank is the fact that it works with other electronic devices. If you can recharge your device with a USB cord, then you can almost certainly recharge it with the Power Bank. Think of it as a bonus feature that makes it worthy of filling up some space in your pocket. With it, you can recharge both your vape and your phone.

Crafty Power Bank Price

Wondering how much the Power Bank costs? You can click here to find out.

Is The Crafty Power Bank Worth Buying?

For Crafty owners, Storz & Bickel’s Power Bank is worth every dollar. It dramatically improves upon the Crafty’s usefulness by roughly tripling its battery life. Feel like your Crafty could use more juice? Then buy the Power Bank online from this store here.

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