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Vaper Empire is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most popular vape brands and their online vape shop is one of the best places for Australians and New Zealanders to find quality vape gear. Their customer service is Australia based, their e-juice flavors and nicotine strengths are many, and their e-cigarette kits are fully loaded and easy to use. Vape pens, cigalikes, vape mods, e-juice, accessories, and replacement parts – everything you need under one virtual roof. This is one vape store that’s actually worthy of your money and it’s one that we recommend for beginners and advanced vapers.

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Vaper Empire Vape Kits

There aren’t an excessive number of options available as far as vape kits go at Vaper Empire’s vape shop, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact, it makes it easier to select between their various kits. You basically just need to choose a style and once you do you’ve more or less figured out which vape to get. For instance, if you want a vape pen, you’re looking at a Vantage or a V-Twist. If you want a cigalike, it’s the V-Pack II you’re staring at. And if it’s a box mod, then you really want the Vibe. The two common points between all of them is that they’re easy to use and well made. You can see all of their vape kits here.

Vaper Empire E-Liquids

Vaping cheap e-liquids is not where it’s at. You spend the extra money and you buy quality. That’s our philosophy and it’s also why Vaper Empire is one of the better choices in Australia and New Zealand. Their e-liquids are the real deal: high quality, no garbage. They’ve been in the vape industry long enough (2012) to understand what it means to produce premium vape juice and that’s exactly what they’re doing. All of their e-juices are manufactured in state of the art cleanrooms and all they use is premium quality ingredients. They even make a point to adhere to EU e-liquid manufacturing standards. And then you take a look at their flavor options and you see why we recommend their e-juice line. Here’s an example of some of what they offer in terms of e-juice flavors: Mango, Watermelon, Tobacco, Tobacco RY4, Virginia Gold, Menthol, Apple, Blueberry, Coffee, Vanilla, Rhubarb & Custard, Freudian Slipper, Red Energy, Strawberry, and Cappuccino.

At this point, we’ve tested quite a few of their flavors, like Strawberry and Apple, and we love what they’re working with. It’s nothing shy of quality. The only downside we can think of is their cost, as Vaper Empire sells them for a bit more than we’d prefer. But some things are actually worth what they cost and Vaper Empire vape juice is definitely one of those things.

Beyond different flavor options, Vaper Empire also provides different nicotine options for all their e-juices. This means that vapers aren’t stuck with one or two different strengths to choose from, but many. You add to this the different sizes of bottles and prefilled cartridges that they offer and you can see why we love their shop the e-liquid that they offer.

Vaper Empire Customer Service

When buying vaping supplies like e-liquid and hardware, there is sometimes a need to contact a company’s customer support, and when that time comes you’re best served by an expert. What does Vaper Empire have? Experts. And not just any experts, but Australia-based experts that actually speak Australian.

Sweetening the pot a bit, Vaper Empire’s customer support isn’t merely available by e-mail like some vape company’s support teams, they’re also available by toll-free telephone and live chat. That makes them easy to reach and it helps ensure their availability to all types of customers.

Vaper Empire Shipping

This is one area where Vaper Empire excels. They partnered with the DHL shipping company to get great deals on express shipping rates for all of their customers, which means that their customers not only get excellent rates, but also fast shipping. With DHL Express, they ship orders out to the homes of their customers in 3-5 days.

Is The Vaper Empire Vape Shop Worth Shopping At?

The Vaper Empire vape shop is absolutely worthy of your hard-earned dollars. They sell quality products, they ship them fast, and they provide excellent customer service. That’s a hard combo to beat and these aren’t words that we use lightly. This is one vape shop that takes the satisfaction of their customers seriously and it’s for that reason that we recommend them to vapers searching for quality e-juices, accessories, and kits. They’ve got it all and the price is right.

You can click here to shop Vaper Empire’s online store.

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