The V-Twist vape pen by Vaper Empire is a like a giant e-cigarette with a refillable tank, only it hits way harder than your standard e-cig and holds considerably more e-juice, offers dramatically more battery life, and offers the benefits of variable voltage and adjustable airflow. In other words, it’s an e-cigarette in name, but in reality so much more. You can buy it online from this store.

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Perfect Vapor Production

The V-Twist allows users to take full control of the airflow and voltage. By manipulating these two variables, you can customize the vapor production to fit your own unique preference. That’s what really makes the V-Twist a gem, as it’s this ability to adjust the voltage and airflow along with high-quality components and tasty e-juice that makes for the perfect vaping experience. And adjusting the voltage and airflow is easy, as all it takes is a twist. Twist the bottom to adjust the voltage and twist right below the tank to adjust the airflow.

Large clouds or light hits, whatever your preference is, the V-Twist has you covered. A quick twist is all it takes to customize the V-Twist’s vapor production to fit your style. That’s why we recommend this vape to virtually all vapers, both seasoned and novice. Whatever your vaping style is, this is one vape that won’t let you down. You can buy it online here.

How To Use The V-Twist Vape

The V-Twist is a fairly straight-forward vape to use. You unscrew the tank from the battery to fill it with e-liquid, which you want to do while the vape is upside down if you have any e-liquid in the tank to avoid accidentally spilling e-liquid. Once you have the tank filled, you press the power button five times and it turns on. Once on, you simply press and hold the power button to start vaping. There’s not much to it and maintenance isn’t much different.

To maintain the V-Twist, you occasionally have to replace the coil. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest coil replacements there is. You pop it out, pop in a new one, and you’re done in about all of five seconds.

Variable Voltage – To adjust the voltage on the V-Twist, twist the knob on the very bottom of the vape. It moves easily and you can use it to spin your way through a fairly wide range of options that starts at 3.2 volts and ends at 4.8 volts.

Airflow Adjustment – Making adjustments to the airflow is extremely easy. There’s a small vent below the tank that you twist to adjust the airflow. You can shut or open it as much as you want. It’s an extremely easy mechanism to control.

Outside of airflow and voltage controls, it’s a really simple vape. You fill it with e-liquid and hold down the power button when you want some vapor.

Definitely Strong Enough

For light use, the V-Twist’s 900 mAh battery offers more than enough power. For heavy use, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it on the charger more often than you’d like. Unfortunately, it’s not designed to be recharged and used at the same time, if for no other reason than the charger screws in where the tank does so the tank must be removed before it can be recharged. As a result, we strongly recommend buying two V-Twist vape pen batteries instead of just one. This way, you have a nice rotation to work with, ensuring you always have vapor when you want it.

V-Twist Heat Up Time

One of the big benefits of using a vape pen like the V-Twist Series is the fact that it heats up on a dime. What we mean by this is that you never have to wait for it to heat up because it heats up in a flash. This means that you can start inhaling just as soon as you press the button.

Charging The V-Twist

When it comes to charging, V-Twists perform about average. They certainly don’t take forever to charge, but they’re not all that quick either. They recharge via the USB charger that they come with, which is nice in terms of compatibility as you can recharge via any USB port that you can plug the charger into. Because they take a bit of time to recharge and don’t last as long as some of the larger, more powerful batteries on the market, we suggest buying two V-Twist batteries instead of one. With two, you can always have one charged while the other is charging. This is particularly nice given the fact that the tank must be removed from a battery in order to recharge it. So if you do get this vape, do yourself a favor and buy an extra battery because it’ll make using this vape a lot more convenient.

Maintaining The V-Twist Vaporizer

There are difficult to maintain vapes and there are those like this one that are very easy to maintain. All you have to do to maintain the V-Twist is change the coil whenever it needs it. You’ll know when it’s time based on how it tastes. Changing it is quick and easy, literally taking a matter of seconds to complete the process. This is one vape that you don’t have to worry much about in regards to maintenance, just replace the coil, keep it charged, and make sure there’s e-liquid in the tank and you’re good to go.


The pros to buying and using the V-Twist far outweigh the cons. The benefits include a rechargeable battery, good vapor production, 900 mAh of vaping power, 1.7ml vape tank, easily replaced coil, variable voltage, ease of use, portability, and adjustable airflow. All of these benefits taking into consideration, the V-Twist is definitely worth what it costs.


The downsides to the V-Twist are few, but they are worth considering. For starters, there’s the size. While portable, it could definitely benefit from being a bit more compact. Then there’s the limited battery life, which isn’t really an issue so long as you pick-up a spare battery. Beyond this, there really aren’t areas of complaint with this vape. It’s a solid vape and it more than does the trick.

V-Twist Series Price

You can check the price here.

Is The V-Twist Vape Pen Worth Buying?

The V-Twist is a good fit for vapers that appreciate having the ability to adjust their airflow and voltage on the fly. The 1.7ml tank holds plenty of e-juice for light to moderate vapers and the 900 mAh battery provides more than enough power for light vapers, but moderate and heavy users will want to get two batteries instead of one in order to avoid any downtime while recharging. In terms of portability, it will fit in a pocket, but there are smaller vapes out there that perform similarly. All in all, the V-Twist is not our favorite vape pen but it’s definitely a pretty good one for vapers that want a bit more control over their vapor output as well as those who just want a simple and easy to use vape.

You can click here to buy the V-Twist online.

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