Vaper Empire, a leader in the Australian e-cigarette market, has really stepped things up a notch with their Vibe Series vape. With the Vibe, there’s no need to fiddle around with voltage or learn what ohms are. All you do is fill the tank, press the button, and inhale the tasty vapor that comes out.

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Beginner-Friendly Design

Ease of use is just one of the reasons why the Vibe is a solid all-day-vape for the beginner vaper. But it’s not just for beginners, it actually works well enough that veteran vapers will find it pleasing to use. You add how easy it is to use to how easy it is to maintain and it just makes sense to vape with the Vibe if you live in Australia.

For the vaper that just wants to inhale tasty vapor without the hassles of adjusting voltage, creating coils, and so on, the Vibe Series is the vape to buy. You can buy it directly from Vaper Empire here.

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Vapor Quality

The quality of vapor that the Vibe produces is on par with most modern vapes, if not better. The dual-coil atomizer allows it to quickly pump out large clouds of vapor, which are both smooth and delicious. There is no obvious distortion of e-juice flavor and the hits are as smooth as are they tasty.

All-Day Vaping Power

The power that’s packed into the Vibe really sets it apart from the company’s other vapes. Instead of a small e-cigarette battery, it has a large 2000 mAh battery. Lithium and rechargeable, of course. With it, you can vape for the better part of a day, if not longer – it really depends on how often you’re using it. Light users, those that don’t vape all that much, will likely find that the battery offers enough power to make it through a complete day.

Large Tank, Fat Clouds

With its large tank, which has a 4.5 milliliter capacity, there’s no need to constantly refill it or keep a bottle of e-juice in a pocket while you’re out and about. Instead, you can fill it once in the morning, simply topping it off if that’s all that it needs, and make it through the better part of a day. In some cases, depending on how much you’re actually vaping throughout the day, it’ll last well into the second or third day before it needs to be refilled or topped off. Just one less hassle to deal with and that’s reason enough to appreciate the high capacity tank. But it’s not all capacity, as the Vibe’s vape tank contains an advanced dual-coil atomizer that can produce serious clouds of vapor essentially in an instant.

Zero Wait Time

Click the power button that controls the heating element, hold it down, and start puffing away. You don’t have to wait, you just start hitting it as soon as that button is pressed. There’s no wait time between pressing the button and delivery, or rather, the minimal amount of delay that surely exists is so small that it doesn’t even register. You’re basically going from zero to one-hundred in an instant, it’s just that fast.

If you’ve ever used a vape that had you waiting around to take a puff, well, you’re going to love this one because there’s no downtime whatsoever. Just turn it on, press the button, and take a puff. You’ll be blowing out a fat cloud of vapor in no time flat.

Convenient Recharging

Charging the vape’s battery, when it does eventually run out of power, is easy thanks to the USB charging technology that incorporates. With the USB charging cable that comes with it, you can plug it into a variety of devices to recharge, such as a laptop or tablet. Rather use an electrical outlet? You can do that too thanks to the wall charger that comes with it, which acts as an adapter for the USB cord.

Maintenance Made Easy

With the Vibe, changing the coil is as easy as unscrewing the tank with your fingers, popping out the coil, and replacing it with a fresh one. You don’t need any special tools and you don’t need more than a minute. You just pull out the old one and stick in a new one. It’s as easy as tying your shoelaces. If you can’t do that though, well, you may have to read the manual.

The Many Benefits

Pros: With the Vibe Series, the main benefits are ease of use, long-lasting battery life, generous tank space, the ability to refill with any e-liquid, easy upkeep, fast recharging, impressive vapor production, and a sturdy design. Take all this into account and what you have is an awesome vape that will get most vapers through the day without a refill or a recharge. This is one vape that’s worth the money.

To summarize its many benefits, it’s easy to use & maintain, fast to recharge, offers instant vapor production, produces large clouds thanks to its dual-coil atomizer, is equipped with powerful all-day battery rated at 2000 mAh, is fully rechargeable, portable, requiring of no tools to maintain, produces excellent vapor, and holds 4.5 ml of e-liquid in its tank at one time.

Missing Features That Won’t Be Missed

Cons: Considering all of the variables at play here with the Vibe, it’s easy to see what it lacks in regards to features. There’s no ability to adjust the voltage and in turn the vaping temperature, but who needs to play around with the voltage when it’s already fine-tuned to produce smooth clouds of tasty vapor? Noone, that’s who. Not unless you’re a professional vaper competing in a cloud chasing competition, but if that’s the case- you probably want a vape mod designed for cloud chasing that you can calibrate to your preference. That’s not what this is. The Vibe is not a mod, it’s an easy to use vape that works like a champ right out of the box. And on that note, due to the lack of features, there’s also need for a digital display.

Instead of a power-draining digital display, the indicator light on the Vibe’s power button lights up, flashes, and glows different colors to let you know exactly what’s going on inside. A quick scan of the vape’s manual will have you decoding the light in a jiffy. If you’re thinking this sounds hard to wrap your head around, think again because it’s actually really easy to grasp. In fact, you may not need to look at the manual at all, that is, until it comes time to replace the coil. Then again, coil replacement is so easy you’re going to be dumbfounded when you realize how unnecessarily complicated other vape manufacturers have made it.

Vibe Series Cost

The Vibe is available in two different vape starter kits. There’s the Standard starter kit, which sells for $119.99 AUD, and then there’s the Deluxe kit, which sells for $149.99 AUD. The cost may appear a bit high, but do remember that the price is in Australian dollars and that you do get what you pay for when you buy the Vibe. In addition, both kits do come with the buyer’s choice of Vaper Empire e-liquid flavors, not to mention everything else a vaper needs to get their vape on.

Is The Vibe Series Worth Buying?

If you’re ready to blow fat clouds of smooth and tasty vapor with the press of a button, then the Vibe Series might be the vape you’re after. It works great, is incredibly easy to use, and it comes with everything you need to start vaping. Take it out of the box, put some e-juice in it, give it a quick charge, and start puffing away on tasty vapor. You can use it with Vaper Empire e-liquid or you can use it with any other e-liquid you prefer. There are no constraints here, just an easy to use vape with an open design that’s well worth the money that it costs. We highly recommend it for beginner vapers as well as experienced vapers who are in need of an easy to use vape with high-end cloud production.

You can click here to buy the Vibe online from Vaper Empire.

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